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I recently caned my husband on his bare bottom in front of my best friend ,for being abusive to the two of us.
Afterwards Alison my friend and I discussed the events, and I thought it would be a good idea if Alison gave her version of the events. So over to Alison.
Hi, a few weeks ago I got  a call from Sandra asking me to pop round as her husband Pete wanted to apologise regarding his behaviour a few days before, at the time I was a bit upset over what had been said but put it down to the drink, and had forgotten about it, but as I had nothing to do , I thought Id pop round at least for a coffee and chat.
Walking into the lounge I was greeted by the sight of Petes bare bottom and a long school type cane, at first I thought it was a joke, but Sandra explained that she was going to cane him for his bad behaviour, and wanted me to watch. I sat down my eyes fixed on Petes perfectly rounded and pale bottom bent over the stool.his tanned legs reaching to the floor.
I watched in facination as Sandra picked up the cane and swished it through the air, Pete s buttocks quivered and tightened, she passed me the cane, and I in turn gave it a couple of swishes, loving the sound that it made.
Sandra asked if I would like to cane Pete, much as I wanted to bring the cane down on that delicious rump and see the cheeks squirm . I declined and said Id be happy to watch. Happy was nt the word I ve always had a thing about bare bottoms and fantasised about spankings, I think it probably went back years ago when I saw my brother being bent over my mums knee and spanked hard on his bare bottom, until he was red raw and bawling his eyes out, and then doing a little dance as he tried to rub his backside better when he was eventualy pulled to his feet.
 Sandra took the cane from me and gave it a few more swishes through the air, she looked realy stern as if she realy meant business, after positioning herself to the side of Petes naked rear she placed the cane across his cheeks, then pulled her arm right back and with full force bought the cane whistling down, landing with a sharp crack on Petes bottom, this was followed up very quickly by two more. Pete let out a loud yell and his body jolted with the impact, even though Id been watching, the speed of the cane and the sound of it hitting its target, took me by suprise .Petes pale bottom now had three vivd red stripes running across both cheeks . The next twenty minutesor so was probably the most memorable of my life, watching that cane rise and fall, and listening to the swish and the thud as it landed, and Petes yells after each stroke. Sandra took her time as she mercifully caned Petes bottom, and the tops of his legs, covering the whole area with a series of lines, so as eventualy there was no unmarked flesh showing.
Afterwards Pete was made to stand facing the wall with his bare bottom on display whilst Sandra and I discussed the evnts, and she told me about past punishments.
I am certainly hoping that I get invited around again to witness another caning or spanking, and possible even participate.

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Posted on 11:33PM on Dec 18th, 2011
So do I. I hate males who can't handle the drink and he was extremely disrespectful to you both and an embrassment to his Wife. he desreved all (and probably more) of what he got. I think you did the right thing by letting his Wife thrash him. I will not tolerate anyone touching My husband. I'd attack them. he is mine, to punish or otherwise, and mine alone.
Posted on 01:33AM on Jul 27th, 2012
I loved your blog. Woow, you were right that you had a look at the correction. Do you want to participate next time or humiliate him?
Posted on 07:09AM on Oct 17th, 2013
Ms Madamstrict, you did a wonderful job! A cane, a strap, a heavy paddle are the best tools to teach us to behave properly and respect ladies. Ma Helen, I admire your words, too! Surely, your hubby is olny your property. I respect you, Superior Ladies!
Posted on 02:46PM on Jan 15th, 2014
madamstrict wish I could get my wife to cane me!!!..
Posted on 03:37AM on May 13th, 2015
bravo Sandra and bravo Alison ... I would also have liked to hear exactly how you were feeling Alison as you went from the initial shock to enjoying it and perhaps relishing seeing this occur perhaps Pete was being overly flirty to you? oh goodness I can only imagine all the ladies who hopefully would relish in my comeuppance and embarrassment if I flirted too much with them any more details would be appreciated thank you (also are you ladies in the UK?) thank you
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